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Our 5 favourite fish recipes for spring

Rhubarb, and peas, and asparagus, oh my! 🌿🥬

Spring is when things really get rocking on the farm as we get ready for a busy summer season of stocking, selling and growing!

Here's our five favourite fish recipes for this spring:

1. Trout with Sautéed Rhubarb

Sauté some shallots, rhubarb, balsamic and maple syrup for a sweet and sour dish from Fooby. The chef calls the fish "salmon trout", but it could be used for either Springhills trout or salmon! (Link)

2. Roasted Salmon with Brown Butter Asparagus and Peas

Our father loves growing asparagus and peas, which are the central vegetables in this dish from New York Times Cooking. We recommend slicing the salmon fillet into two inch strips. (Link)

3. Smoked Trout with Rhubarb Chutney

Serve the new Springhills smoked trout with this delicious seasonal chutney. This recipe is also from our friends at Fooby. (Link)

4. Pan-Fried Arctic Char with Pea Pesto

Arctic char is a good option for even not-so-adventurous eaters. We'd substitute fresh spring peas for the frozen ones in this recipe from the CBC! (Link)

Strawberry Sassafras Glazed Pickerel Over Fiddleheads

We saved the fanciest to last with an epic recipe from chef Tawnya Brant — the owner of Yawékon, a takeout restaurant that serves Haudenosaunee fusion cuisine to the large community of Six Nations in southwestern Ontario — which she shared with Chatelaine! (Link)

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