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Our top 5 recipes to try for FISH-mas

Here are some of our favourite fish recipes for the holiday SEAson.

Some are frequently prepared in our household, like the Arctic char with cranberry chutney. While others like the pumpkin spice salmon are new and make for fun conversation!

1. Slow-roasted Arctic char with cranberry chutney

Pictured above.

This is a definite favourite we discovered a few years ago from Eyeswoon. You cook the char and acorn squash at the same time, then add a chutney made with cranberries, haberno chiles, thyme and orange zest!

2. Christmas baked trout

This is an easy make-ahead recipe from Recipe Tin Eats. You serve it with a lemon-dill sauce, then sprinkle cranberries, almonds and pomegranate. You can make it with trout, salmon or char.

Bonus: They recommend a nifty way to use both tin foil and parchment paper so you can pull apart for easy serving!

3. Crispy potato cakes with smoked trout

Here’s a new way from Donna Hay to enjoy your potatoes AND the smoked trot from your SEAcuterie box.

Simply bake grated potatoes, then add chia, eggs, dill and rosemary. Fry them up, then top with lemon-fill yogurt and flaked smoked trout.

4. Bacon-wrapped scallops in the air fryer

Wow your guests with this EASY recipe from Tasty Oven. Marinate them in maple syrup and soy, and air fry for 12 minutes!

5. Pumpkin spice salmon

This is the only pumpkin spice recipe we’ve ever found that actually uses pumpkin!

Eating Bird Food combines pumpkin puree, your favourite pie spices, and is topped with roasted pumpkin seeds.

It’s BASS-ically the perfect combination of sweet and savoury!