From our family to yours

Springhills Fish is a second-generation family fish business in Grey County. Owners and siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor pride themselves on humane and ethical practices that result in incredible tasting, fresh fish.

After raising fish for 25 years, it took a pandemic for us to realize our dreams of processing and delivering fish. In 2020 we started dropping off fish in our local community, and now we deliver fish off to 1,500 homes a month and growing!

What’s on offer

Rainbow Trout

Taste: Nut-like flavour similar to salmon

  • Raised on small-scale farms using fresh water, low densities and special diets
  • Fully traceable farm-to-fork
  • Industry-leading practice of humanely harvesting, filleting and freezing within a day which locks in freshness
  • Doubly eco-certified by Ocean Wise Recommended and Best Aquaculture Practices
Arctic Char

Taste: Milder and sweeter than its cousin, the trout

  • A special species originating from northern Canada
  • Raised at one of our land-based farms that has colder water
  • Also fully traceable and harvested with single-day freezing like Springhills trout
  • Doubly eco-certified by Ocean Wise Recommended and Best Aquaculture Practices
Pickerel (Walleye)

Taste: A prized succulent whitefish that can taste like buttery scallops

  • Wild-caught by independently owned fishermen and women in Lake Erie, Ontario
  • Very fresh thanks to immediately submersing in ice totes during harvest​
  • From a sustainable fishery certified by Marine Stewardship Council
fish on display ready to prepare
Atlantic Salmon

Taste: Mild and rich red-flesh fish from Nova Scotia

  • Raised at at likeminded land-based farm in Nova Scotia called Sustainable Blue
  • Ocean Wise Recommended
Pickerel Burgers

The easiest way to enjoy Ontario pickerel!

  • Burger come two ways: battered or unbattered/unseasoned.
  • Caught by independent fishermen and women in Lake Erie.
  • From a sustainable fishery certified by Marine Stewardship Council
  • Available in 4-packs
Smoked Trout – Two Varieties!

Try “Sweet Original” or “Lemon Pepper”

  • Artisanally hot smoked using local apple wood
  • Raised on small-scale farms using fresh water, low densities and special diets
  • Ocean Wise Recommended and Best Aquaculture Practices-certified
  • Available in 1.2lb pre-weighed packs
Pickerel Bites

A delicious way to enjoy Ontario’s most popular wild fish.

  • Each bite is about 3cm, and battered with a light seasoning.
  • Caught by independent fishermen and women in Lake Erie.
  • From a sustainable fishery certified by Marine Stewardship Council
  • Available in 1.5lb pre-weighed packs with 22 – 25 pieces each
Smoked Fish Dips

Make charcuterie boards a fin-tastic hit with these creamy smoked trout dips.

  • Yo Mama’s (Sriracha-Cheddar) is an old family recipe that’s the perfect blend of sweet and heat for every palate.
  • Sunday Brunch (Lemon-Dill) is our favourite recipe to serve for mid-day guests.
  • Maple Punches is our newest and combines our favourites: smoked trout and maple syrup.
fish spices
Springhills Spice Blends

Your customers will love trying our favourite flavour combinations for a fresh take on dinner.

  • Baja Blast — A new-age take with tropical lime, chili and cilantro.
  • Ontario Summer — Bring the best local botanicals to the table like lavender, sage and thyme.
  • Blackened Cajun — Our take on a classic blend of Cajun cookery that doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds.
  • Herb Garden — Stroll through the herb patch with some of our favourites like marjoram, chive and oregano
  • Sweet Heat — Balance piquant flavour with sweet caramelized goodness.
fish beer batter
Springhills Batter Mixes

Batter up! Hit a home run with Springhills new fish batter mix.

  • Choose between Original or Gluten Free (with rice flour).
  • It’s as easy as mixing in a can of beer and coating your favourite fish. Full instructions are found on the bag.
  • One pack coats about 4 fillets or 1kg of fish.

All Springhills fish comes meal-ready

  • Individually vacuum-sealed
  • Frozen at peak freshness
  • Deboned
  • Fillets from 6 – 14 oz, skin-on
  • Keeps 6 months in deep freezer
  • Eco-certified
  • Consistent supply year-round

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What we suggest

For Stores & Markets

Pre-weighed Retail Packs

  • 1 – 2lb packs that are pre-weighed, labeled to CFIA regulations, and shelf-ready
  • Fillets are single vac-packed within larger pack
  • 3 – 4 fillets in a 2lb pack
ontario fish fillets
For Restaurants & Food Service

Loose Fillets

  • 10lb boxes of loose, vac-packed fillets
  • Approximately 15 – 20 fillets in a box
  • Thaw as needed

Because we’re working with small-scale farmers and fishers, we don’t have the volumes to grade for a specific fillet size at this point.


Retail Packs

Fish Fillets

Master case: 5 x 2lb packs

  • Rainbow Trout – $105 ($21 ea.)
  • Arctic Char – $135 ($28 ea.)
  • Pickerel – $150 ($30 ea.)
  • Atlantic Salmon – $180 ($36 ea.)
  • Coho Salmon – $155 ($31 ea.)

Smoked Fish

Master case (Single Variety): 10 x 1.2lb packs

  • Smoked Trout (Sweet Original or Lemon-Pepper) – $288 ($28.80 ea.)

Smoked Trout Dips

Master case: 10 x 225g containers (Single Variety)

  • Dips (Maple, Lemon-Dill, or Sriracha-Cheddar) – $100 ($10 ea.)

Fish Bites

Master case: 6 x 1.5lb packs (22 -25 bites ea.)

  • Pickerel Bites – $120 ($20 ea.)

Fish Burgers

Master case: 10 x 4-packs (Battered are 5oz burgers, Unseasoned are 4oz burgers)

  • Pickerel Burgers (Battered) – $160 ($16 ea.)
  • Pickerel Burgers (Unseasoned) – $140 ($14 ea)

Spice Blends

Master case: 5 x bottles

  • Five flavours: Baja Blast, Ontario Summer, Blackened Cajun, Herb Garden, Sweet Heat
  • Box (Single Type) – $25 ($5 ea.)

Batter Mixes

Master case: 6 x 1-lb Packs

  • Two Options: Original or Gluten-Free (with rice flour)
  • $30 ($5 ea.)
Loose Fillets (10lb case)
  • Rainbow Trout – $105
  • Arctic Char – $135
  • Pickerel – $165 for 11lb case
  • Atlantic Salmon – $100 (5lb case)
  • Coho Salmon – $155

Frequently asked questions?

Here is the typical pricing for these types of fish at major grocery retailers. The fish sold at major retailers at these prices are not necessarily local, eco-certified, vac-packed, or as fresh as Springhills fish.​

  • Rainbow Trout – $14 -16/lb (our price $10.50/lb)
  • Arctic Char – $20/lb (our price $13.50 – 14/lb)
  • Pickerel – $20/lb seasonally (our price $15/lb))
  • Salmon – $19 – 22/lb

​​We suggest the following ranges for the 2lb packs, based on feedback from other retailers:

  • Rainbow Trout – $25 – 30 ea.
  • Arctic Char – $35 – 40 ea.
  • Pickerel – $35 – 40 ea.
  • Salmon – $35 – 40 ea.
  • Smoked Trout (1.2lb) – $35 – 40 ea.

Fish Fillets & Bites:

We generally recommend 6 months in a deep freezer (-18C), but our shelf studies have shown our fish are good for at least 2 years from harvest. We only harvest fish as we need them, so we do not hold onto inventory for long.

Smoked Trout & Smoked Trout Dips:

All our smoked trout products come frozen. We also recommend a shelf life of 6 months in the freezer (-18C). Once they are thawed, we recommend consuming within 7 days.

Our wholesale offerings are not listed on our online store, so to order please email us at at orders@springhillsfish.ca or call us at 519-364-7803. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Monthly — We deliver throughout much of southwestern Ontario on a monthly basis, and can bring the fish for free with no order minimums! See our delivery zones

You can also pick up at our farm anytime near Hanover, Ontario.

We sell all our fish frozen. But one of the most common things we hear from our customers is how the fish tastes so much fresher than what they are used to getting.

That’s because we are small-scale producers, and we actually bring the fish live to the plant, and it’s harvested, filleted, deboned, vac-packed and in the blast freezer in less than 5 hours. So it’s fresher than fresh!

​We are only set up to provide frozen fish.

You can grab as many photos as you like from our shared Google folder.