Springhills is now open for self-guided tours!

‘Water’ you waiting for?
Come ‘sea’ us this weekend!

Bring your friends and family to learn about life on a sustainable fish farm.

You can walk around our outdoor tanks and see trout at different life cycles, from fingerlings to our largest breeders.

We have signs throughout the journey to explain what you’re looking at, how the farm works, and other fun facts (and puns!) along the way.

The tour takes about 15 – 30 minutes.

After you’re done, visit our self-serve shop for some tasty local fish. Then drive half a concession to the Allan Park Conservation Area for a hike, picnic or to fish at their public trout pond!

More information

Address: 133241 Allan Park Road, Hanover, Ontario

Parking: We’re down a long gravel laneway under the hydro lines. Head left after you pass through the trees, and park in front of the green shed with fish all over it.

Hours: 7 days a week, 9am-7pm, open all holidays​

Footwear: Please wear shoes as you’re walking around a working farm

Washrooms: There are no public washrooms available, but there are at the Allan Park Conservation Area

Accessibility: The tour is approximately 1,000 feet of level unpaved gravel ground.

Dogs: Our dogs may bark but they’re just saying hello. They are friendly to humans, but suspicious of other dogs. Please leave your dogs inside your vehicle.