Fundraise with fish

Raise money with tasty, local and ethical fish!

Fundraise with 5lb boxes of fish. Your school, club, church, non-profit or community group will keep $10 a box, plus some extra incentives!

girl holding frozen trout and pickerel fish
fish farmers holding fish fillets in front of mural

Easy as catching fish in a barrel

  • Your community can order easily online or with paper forms
  • You will track and receive payments
  • We’ll drop off at a central location where people can pick up
  • No order minimums or delivery costs if we schedule within our existing delivery zones

Local fish people rave about

The Springhills family has been sharing tasty and ethical fish for two generations.

Siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor raise rainbow trout and Arctic char at their small sustainable farms in Grey County, and they work with other local farmers and fishers to source more varieties of local fish.

Box of fish on doorstep with mat that says shut the front door

The benefits to your community

You’ll receive $10 for every box sold, plus additional donations when you exceed 100 or more boxes.

  • You’ll sell the 5lb boxes for the same price listed on our website, and you’ll keep the proceeds.
  • We’ll set up a custom order website where folks can order and learn more about you
  • You can also use a paper form to receive orders too.
  • We’ll ask purchasers who referred them so you can track top fundraisers!
  • You’ll have access to all orders on the site.
  • We’ll deliver the fish to one location where your people can pick up
  • And we have plenty of recipes and cooking tips

Fundraising fish options

Rainbow trout (5lb) – $63 sale price

Arctic char (5lb) – $78 sale price

Pickerel (5lb) – $88 sale price

Land & Sea Sampler (Trout, Char & Pickerel – 5lb) – $82 sale price

Pickerel Nuggets (16 jumbo-sized tempura nuggets, 5lb) – $70

Atlantic scallops on wood board

Other seasonal features that could include smoked trout, burgers and seafood!

Reel in some extra fundraising dollars

You can submit an application at the button below. If you have any questions, message us on Facebook at Springhills Fish or email us at