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How to not overcook your fish

Are you over-cooking your fish?

If your fish feels dry, or even has the slightest rubbery texture, you might be leaving your fish in the oven for too long.

Fish should be moist, relatively soft, and even a bit juicy. It’s done cooking at the first moment you can pull it apart with your fork.

It’s overdone if the fillet has gone entirely solid and opaque, and if it flakes apart on its own.

Fish is very easy to overcook because the fillets are so thin. If you have a meat thermometer, try sticking it in the thickest part of the fillet. Chefs usually aim for 125 – 145F, and you’d be surprised how quickly you get there!

Cooking fish to the right temperature keeps it flavorful and fresh.

But is it dangerous to undercook it? Not really because the fish are cold-blooded. That means you don’t have to worry about things like E. coli or salmonella (the most common reasons for food poisoning) that live in warm-blooded animals.

Plus we freeze all our fish for 7 days, which the FDA says destroys parasites.

Our mother (who we call call Mama T!) has been cooking fish for decades and she shares all her tips on our new cooking page.

Enjoy your TROUT-ally awesome fish, and thanks to our friend Sylvia at the Silly Kitchen for taking such great photos!