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Where do fish go from Springhills fish farms?

Where else do our fish go?

Springhills fish go many places in addition to your door steps!

This week we’re loading 6,000lbs of trout that will head to Quebec. They’ll take a 10-hour journey in transport tanks with plenty of fresh water and oxygen. Once they get there, they’ll be released into private lakes for the province’s booming hunting & fishing tourism sector.

Springhills fish head every other direction too..

🌾 Live trout will head to farms as far west as Manitoba and Saskatchewan

πŸ‘¦ Several million trout fingerlings go to northern Ontario where farmers raise them in floating pens, eventually destined for retailers in Ontario, Quebec and the US.

🐣 Rainbow trout eggs are sold to fish farmers in Ontario and Manitoba

🌎 Many local conservation authorities and fishing clubs release our trout for recreational fishing

🏫 Every year we send fish to Fleming College so their aquaculture students get hands-on experience

✈️ Trout sac fry are flown to labs around the country for scientific research

🏘️ And of course, we process trout, salmon and char and bring them to YOUR house for dinner! (Don’t tell anybody, but it might be the favourite part of our jobs!)

Some folks think we’re crazy for ‘tackling’ so many things, but we can only do it because of our amazing team. πŸ™

There used to be over 140 small fish farms like us across the province a few decades ago. But sadly the economics are tough and mistakes are costly, so fewer than 15 survive today.

We’ve learned over our 30 years in business (and our dad’s 50 years in fish farming) that the best way to survive is by keeping diverse revenue streams so you can weather any storm that comes.Β πŸ’ͺ