Smoked Salmon Pâté – Lemon Dill

Individual (115g) — $12
Bulk box (10 x115g) — $100

Win your friends coho-ver with new Springhills smoked salmon pâté!

These pâtés are mostly just coho salmon that is smoked using local applewood. Then we cast in your favourite flavours to reel in big taste!

We tested out many different varieties at farmer’s markets this past summer, and lemon-dill was a classic that needed to be repeated from our popular smoked trout dips!

Just thaw and serve this pâté with crackers or vegetables on your next charcuterie (or sea-chuterie) board.

These are dairy and filler free, with just smoked salmon and a few extra seasonings.

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Want to try all three Springhills smoked salmon pâtés? Get our taster pack!

So fresh it’s frozen. Your pâté will come frozen and will stay fresh for 6 months in your freezer. Thaws easily overnight in your fridge. We recommend consuming within two weeks of thawing.

Ingredients: Smoked coho salmon, lemon juice, dill

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So fresh it’s frozen. We humanely harvest, fillet, individually vac-pack and freeze within a day. Stays fresh for 6 months. Read reviews

Each 5lb fish box has 6 – 9 fillets, unless otherwise noted, and realistically feeds 12 individual meals.

Each 10lb fish box has 12 – 18 fillets, unless otherwise noted, for about 25 meals.

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