Bait Eggs – Rainbow Trout

1lb container (frozen) — $30

Rainbow trout bait eggs now available!

Anglers have been using our eggs as their secret weapon for catching steelhead, salmon and other curious fish for years.

They come loose, so you can make your own roe sacks (here’s a how-to).

These eggs come frozen and have been cured with livestock salt and water. You can thaw them in the fridge, and they can be refrozen if necessary.

Are you looking for fresh bait eggs? We keep a limited amount of fresh bait eggs available for farm pick-up every Thursday and Friday (all day) or Saturday (before noon). Get a 1/2lb container of raw, uncured eggs that are either water-hardened ($20) or unhardened ($25). No need to order through the website, we keep the fridge stocked with eggs every week from September to April. Pick-up only, no delivery. Visit us.

Bait eggs are not for human consumption. 

Box Size

So fresh it’s frozen. We humanely harvest, fillet, individually vac-pack and freeze within a day. Stays fresh for 6 months. Read reviews

Each 5lb fish box has 6 – 9 fillets, unless otherwise noted, and realistically feeds 12 individual meals.

Each 10lb fish box has 12 – 18 fillets, unless otherwise noted, for about 25 meals.

Easy and healthy meals. Our mother offers some simple tips she’s learned cooking fish and seafood for over 25 years, and shares her favourite recipes too.

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