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Springhills Fish
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Meet fish farmer Jeremy from Springhills

Jeremy has been part of the Springhills family for over 10 years!

He manages our Springhills farm near Chatsworth, where he lives with his wife Krista and two daughters.

His farm used to have a small processing plant and smokehouse, which is where Springhills Fish was born. (Though thanks to your orders, we quickly outgrew it and had to build a new plant!)

Jer’s been working in fish farming for 21 years, including a few different farms on Manitoulin Island and southern Ontario. He graduated from the aquaculture program at Fleming College , which is where we steer anybody interested in becoming a fish farmer!

Jer runs his own trout breeding program, and he’s one of our most trusted fish spawners. Spawning rainbow trout can take years of gentle practice to get right, and Jer is a seasoned proFISHional!

Sometimes (okay.. often) fish farming attracts eclectic folk, and Jer is no exception! His funny farm doesn’t just include fish, but also goats, pigeons, rabbits, pigs, peacocks, calves and even a mini horse named Roxy.

And we can’t forget the farm welcoming crew Sammy, Suzy and Cozy!

Whether it’s long days on farm, or long nights at our many staff parties, Jer’s easy-going and friendly attitude is part of what makes the Springhills family fun! Thanks for 10 fin-tabulous years Jer!