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What do farmed fish eat?

We’re pretty obsessed with what we feed our fish at Springhills so that they’re happy, grow well and taste so good. Before our father started our first farm, we worked with fish farmers across Ontario to formulate and sell innovative fish feeds!

Fish like trout and salmon are top-level predators in the wild, which means they need plenty of protein and don’t thrive on ingredients like corn and soy like most other farmed animals.

We feed a diet heavy on protein, which mostly comes from fish meal and fish oil. Then we round it out with a finely tuned blend of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Sometimes fishmeal and fish oil can get a bad rap because of their environmental impact. We work closely with local feed mills to ensure our ingredients are eco-friendly, and that includes working in as much reclaimed trimmings as possible. We hold an international sustainability certification called Best Aquaculture Practices that gives us rules on where the feed ingredients come from and their sustainability.

Fun fact: A salmon in the wild needs to eat approximately 7 kilograms of wild fish to grow one kilogram of meat. Thanks to decades of feed science, a farmed trout or salmon only needs to eat about 0.5 kilograms of fish to grow one kilogram of meat, and often we source that fish from reclaimed sources!