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Ten ways to enjoy Springhills smoked trout

Swim aside, charcuterie board.. there are plenty more ways you can savour your smoked trout!

All Springhills hot smoked trout is ready to eat, so you can thaw it and add it as an easy protein to many dishes.

  1. Our mom always says “if a recipe calls for ham, you can substitute smoked trout”, and that holds true for her trusted strata.
  2. Get your hipster on with toast. 🍞 Make an avocado-smoked trout toast 🥑, or try this recipe for one with scrambled eggs.
  3. You’d better beLEAF it makes a great protein for salads too. Just flake it on top after you’ve mixed your dressing! 🥗
  4. It also makes a SOUPer addition to chowder, 🍲 like this chowder from Food and Wine.
  5. Mix it into a smoked trout dip, or better yet, let us do it for you. We offer dairy-based dips in three flavours: lemon-dill, maple and sriracha-cheddar!
  6. Make your devilled eggs more wicked by blending in some smoked trout with the filling. Arlen tried these once for a family event, and they’ve been asking for them ever since!
  7. Let them eat smoked trout cakes!
  8. Dress up your dressing with some cubed smoked trout, similar to this recipe from bon appetit.
  9. Are you TATERly tired of these puns yet? Because adding smoked trout to your latkes with sour cream and fill is also aPEELing.
  10. And don’t forget the classic. Spread whipped cream cheese on your favourite crackers, and top with flaked smoked trout. It wins you praise everytime.

📸 thanks to our local food super hero Alison at @my_food_adventures