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Springhills Fish is a second-generation family fish farm in Grey County. Owners and siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor pride themselves on humane and sustainable practices that result in incredible tasting, fresh fish.

After raising fish for 25 years, it took a pandemic to ignore our dreams of processing and delivery fish. We started in 2020 delivery to a few homes in our community, and now we drop fish off at 300+ homes a week and growing!

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What's on offer

Rainbow Trout

Taste:  Nut-like flavour similar to salmon

  • Raised on small-scale farms using fresh water, low densities and special diets

  • Fully traceable farm-to-fork

  • Industry-leading practice of humanely harvesting, filleting and freezing within a day which locks in freshness

  • Ocean Wise Recommended and from Best Aquaculture Practices-certified hatcheries

Arctic Char

Taste:  Milder and sweeter than it's distant cousin, the trout

  • A special species originating from northern Canada

  • Raised at one of our land-based farms that has colder water

  • Also fully traceable and harvested with single-day freezing like Springhills trout

  • Ocean Wise Recommended and from Best Aquaculture Practices certified hatcheries 

Pickerel (Walleye)

Taste:  A prized succulent whitefish that can taste like buttery scallops

  • Wild-caught by independently owned fishermen and women in Lake Erie, Ontario

  • Very fresh thanks to immediately submersing in ice totes during harvest

  • From a sustainable fishery certified by Marine Stewardship Council

Barramundi (Australian Sea Bass)

Taste:  Very mild whitefish similar to halibut and grouper

  • Sustainably raised at an indoor tropical farm near London, Ontario called Sandplains Aquaculture

  • Ocean Wise Recommended 

Springhills Trifishta - Char Pickerel Tr

All Springhills fish comes meal-ready

  • Individually vacuum-sealed

  • Frozen at peak freshness

  • Deboned

  • 8 - 14 oz, skin-on

  • Keeps at least 6 months in deep freezer

  • Eco-certified

  • Consistent supply year-round

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What we suggest

For Restaurants & Food Service

Loose Fillets

  • 10lb boxes of loose, vac-packed fillets

  • 15 - 20 fillets in a box

  • Thaw as needed

For Stores & Markets

2lb Retail Packs

  • 2lb packs that are pre-weighed, labeled to CFIA regulations, and shelf-ready

  • Fillets are single vac-packed within larger pack

  • 3 - 4 fillets in a 2lb pack


Wholesale pricing

Loose Fillets (10lb case)

  • Rainbow Trout - $80 

  • Arctic Char - $115

  • Pickerel - $145 for 11lb case

  • Barramundi - $160

2lb Retail Packs*

  • Rainbow Trout - $18 ea.

  • Arctic Char - $25 ea.

  • Pickerel - $28.50 ea.

  • Barramundi - $34 ea.

*Ordered 5 x 2lb packs to a case


Frequently Asked Questions


What do you recommend for pricing?

Here is the typical pricing for these types of fish at major grocery retailers. The fish sold at major retailers at these prices are not necessarily local, eco-certified, vac-packed, or as fresh as Springhills fish.

  • Rainbow Trout - $13/lb (our price $8 - 9/lb)

  • Arctic Char - $20/lb (our price $11.50 - 12.50/lb)

  • Pickerel - $20/lb seasonally (our price $13.20 - $14.20/lb))

  • Barramundi - $30/lb imported (our price $16 - 17/lb)

We only advertise 5lb and 10lb boxes through the Springhills direct-to-home  and leave the 2lb packs to you. We suggest the following ranges for the 2lb packs, based on feedback from other retailers:

  • Rainbow Trout - $25 - 30 ea.

  • Arctic Char - $35 - 40 ea.

  • Pickerel - $35 - 40 ea.

  • Barramundi - $50 - 60 ea.


How does delivery work?

We deliver throughout much of southwestern Ontario on a monthly basis, and can bring the fish for free!

See our delivery zones

We can delivery outside our schedule or delivery zones for an extra charge. Or you can pick up at our farm at any time near Hanover, Ontario.


Do you have content I can share on social media or a website?

You can grab as many photos as you like from our shared folder here.


Why does your wholesale price on loose fillets match the prices on your own website?

We offer the same wholesale price to everybody purchasing the bulk 10lb boxes from the farm.

It’s rare for our retail customers to buy 10lb of one fish though because it’s a lot of fish. Most opt for the mixed boxes and/or the 5lb boxes, and those have a price premium on them from $1 - 4/lb.

We only sell the 5lb and 10lb boxes through our direct-to-home service, as bulk is our game. We don’t offer the 2lb packs to customers, but if customers ask, we charge the same as the suggested prices below (plus a $10 delivery fee).


Why do the retail packs cost more?

We do ask for a bit more for the 2lb packs because of the costs of the pouches, stickers, and often we're adding 0.5lb/case by the end trying to hit that 2lb mark for each pack.


Can I get fresh fish (not frozen)?

We sell all our fish frozen. But one of the most common things we hear from our customers is how the fish tastes so much fresher than what they are used to getting.

That’s because we are small-scale producers, and we actually bring the fish live to the plant, and it’s harvested, filleted, deboned, vac-packed and in the blast freezer in less than 6 hours. 

We are only set up to provide frozen fish for now.

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