Rainbow Trout & Arctic Char

Small box (5lb) — $75
Large box (10lb) — $125

Get the best fish of the north and the south!

  • Rainbow trout raised on our family’s eco-farms in Grey County. Mild nut-like flavour similar to salmon. More on our ethical practices
  • Arctic char that we also raise with the same humane and sustainable practices. Lighter and sweeter than it’s cousin, the trout.

BEst Aquaculture Practices and Ocean Wise Logos

Box Size
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So fresh it’s frozen. We humanely harvest, fillet, individually vac-pack and freeze within a day. Stays fresh for 6 months. Read reviews

Each 5lb fish box has 6 – 9 fillets, unless otherwise noted, and realistically feeds 12 individual meals.

Each 10lb fish box has 12 – 18 fillets, unless otherwise noted, for about 25 meals.

Easy and healthy meals. Our mother offers some simple tips she’s learned cooking fish and seafood for over 25 years, and shares her favourite recipes too.

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