Fundraise with Fish!


Raise money with tasty, local and ethical fish!

Fundraise with 5lb boxes of fish. Your school, club, church, non-profit or community group will keep 15 - 20% of all proceeds, plus some extra incentives!


Easy as catching fish in a barrel

🐟   People order online or through paper forms
🐟   We'll drop off at a central location where people can pick up
🐟   No order minimums or delivery costs if we schedule within our existing delivery zones and schedule


Local fish people rave about

The Springhills family has been sharing tasty and ethical fish for two generations.

Siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor raise rainbow trout and Arctic char at their small sustainable farms in Grey County, and they work with other local farmers and fishers to source even more varieties of local sustainable fish.

Springhills Story
Springhills Trifishta - Char Pickerel Tr

What Springhills offers

Up to 20% of proceeds, plus we'll make additional donations if you reach 100 or 250 boxes!

  • You'll sell the 5lb boxes for the same price listed on our website, and you'll keep 15 - 20% of the proceeds.

  • We can set up a page on our website where people order and find out more information (See Example)

  • We can create a paper form for you to use too

  • We'll ask purchasers who referred them so you can track top fundraisers!

  • We'll share a live link so you can see order numbers at any time

  • We'll deliver the fish to one location where your people can pick up

  • And we have plenty of recipes and cooking tips


What your group can do

Get hooked and tackle some fish fundraising!

  • Distribute the order forms to your community

  • Take payment from purchasers either before or during pick-up

  • If you're using paper forms, we'll ask that somebody on your team enters them into the web form

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More about the fish

Springhills Rainbow Trout - 15==6lb Wort

Rainbow Trout

Taste:  Nut-like flavour similar to salmon

  • Raised on small-scale farms using fresh water, low densities and special diets

  • Industry-leading practice of humanely harvesting, filleting and freezing within a day which locks in freshness

  • Ocean Wise Recommended and certified sustainable by Best Aquaculture Practices

Springhills Arctic Char 1.jpg

Arctic Char - $70 sale price

Taste:  Milder and sweeter than it's distant cousin, the trout

  • A special species originating from northern Canada

  • Raised at one of our land-based farms that has colder water

  • Also fully traceable and harvested with single-day freezing like Springhills trout

  • Ocean Wise Recommended and certified sustainable by Best Aquaculture Practices

Springhills Pickerel.jpg

Pickerel (Walleye) - $80 sale price

Taste:  A prized succulent whitefish that can taste like buttery scallops

  • Wild-caught by independently owned fishermen and women in Lake Erie, Ontario

  • Very fresh thanks to immediately submersing in ice totes during harvest

  • From a sustainable fishery certified by Marine Stewardship Council

Springhills Trifishta - Char Pickerel Tr

Tri-FISH-ta Sampler - $68 sale price

Can't decide? Get all three types of fish in one box!

  • Every box is one third rainbow trout, one third Arctic char and one third pickerel.